Black SANZ Technologies Ltd

Black SANZ Technologies Ltd is located in New Plymouth. We provide all facets of computing hardware and software sales, service and support to businesses in the Taranaki region. Black SANZ Technologies have developed an excellent reputation for exceptional service standards both with our customers and our national partner network.

"Our aim is to be your number 1 information technology provider of choice, our name synonymous with service"

Rick Clement - Director


Rick is an experienced and broadly skilled business manager with consistent achievement across IT, Telecommunications and new technology sectors.
Past experience in the Finance and Investment industry provides a good commercial background that compliments IT to ensure business value is always top of mind.
Rick delivers a valuable combination of technical, commercial, analytical, management and people skills. With a sound record of creating workable solutions for his clients and the ability to create buy in across teams and organisations.
Rick is driven to establish the best outcomes for his clients, establishing new services, functions, products and performance improvements

Chris Jones - Systems Engineer


Chris has been part of the ICT industry for over 15 years. Having owned his own business has developed excellent communication skills that enables him to succinctly translate technical information in a manner that is easily understood by our customers.

Chris is very capable with a wide range of other technologies including:

  • Virus / Spyware / Malware removal
  • Setting up wired and wireless networks
  • Security and Surveillance equipment
  • Remote Connectivity such as VPN and WAN’s
  • Backup and data protection systems

Chris's experience ranges from small/medium business right up to large enterprise customers.
As a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer Chris is very experienced with Microsoft suite of products such as Microsoft Office 365, Servers and Applications. Chris regularly uses his Microsoft Deployment Services, Scripting and Group Policies enabling him to implement changes which can add valuable efficiencies to your business.

Andrew Scott - Director

Advanced Trade Certificate in Communications and Electronics, VSP, CCSP

Andrew has for the past 12 years advised and supported some of Taranaki's most complex computer environments. Andrew has a detailed knowledge of a very broad range of products and services within the Information, Communications and Technology sector.
Andrew's attention to detail, previous technical experience, and integrity has earned him the respect of many business owners. His ability to demystify the jargon, understand the business requirements and communicate the solutions available has been essential in that process.
Andrew's experience includes Computer Systems presales, consultancy, Landline, Data, and Mobile sales, delivery, and support. Designing IT systems from the desktop to the server room and data centre. Ensuring business continuity, systems security and reliability.

Hadyn Thomas - Systems Engineer

Hadyn's experience with a variety of Operating Systems and platforms not only include Microsoft's Windows Server environments (NT4.0 - 2012 R2) he also has extensive experience with Linux, FreeBSD, AIX, Solaris and Macintosh and has worked with virtualisation technologies of VMWare, Xenserver, and Hyper-V.

Hadyn has strong technical and problem solving skills that are an essential part of IT but are invaluable with his application development experience which translates well to automation of tasks and creating custom business solutions.

This experience has been highly beneficial in helping to establish monitoring tools for Server and desktop environments to change the focus from reactive helpdesk to a proactive business approach to technology.

Hadyn's ability to be comfortable with complex corporate IT environments as well as small and medium sized business needs has made him a trusted advisor to several customers that have over the 16 years he has been working in the IT industry sought his expertise as their lead technician.

With a current BOSIET he has considerable experience in both onshore and offshore Oil and Gas installations, which emphasises his versatility and ability.

Transport Investments Ltd

"Transport Investments are one of the largest privately owned transport operators in NZ. We have branches in 42 locations around NZ and as such we need good systems and a technology partner we can rely on.
We've chosen Black SANZ Technologies because they have a good mix of account management and skilled technical staff with a proven track record"

Greg Whitham, Chief Financial Director, Transport Investments Ltd

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