Document Management – How to Save Time, Decrease Risk and use what you already have!

Meet Quality Food Southland

Meet Quality Food Southland or QFS for short. What started as a humble bakery and Café in the 1900s by Annie C Miller, grew into New Zealand’s leading manufacturer in butter-based bakery products and sauces. They are the largest exporter of butter pastry in NZ. Up until a few years ago, they were struggling with their systems and processes. Continue reading “Document Management – How to Save Time, Decrease Risk and use what you already have!”

Why you need a Password Management system

Why is a Password Management system important for businesses? 

With the rapid rise in cyber security, most IT service providers would highly recommend New Zealand businesses implement a password management system. There have been several high-profile cyber-attacks in New Zealand recently, including the NZX, Banks, and Waikato Hospital. According to Lisa, the director of the National Cyber Security Centre, there has been a sharp increase in criminal activity, jumping from 14 percent of all incidents last year to 27 percent in 2021.  Continue reading “Why you need a Password Management system”

Why Choose Microsoft Surface Products

Why Choose Microsoft Surface Products

With Covid and remote working, we have had a huge shift to remote and hybrid productivity.  In other words, we have redefined where we work, how we work, how we meet, and how we learn outside the physical office spaces or classrooms. No matter if we are from. Continue reading “Why Choose Microsoft Surface Products”


The Power of Power Apps

Power Apps now make it easy for everyone to build professional-grade, custom business apps. Plus, they easily connect to Dynamics 365.  

We can all agree that apps are the fastest way to transform your business. Streamlining your IT processes saves time, and makes your business more efficient to run, therefore helping to reduce cost and increase your revenue.

Traditionally apps have been prohibitive for a number of businesses, in that they are costly, take a long time, and require professional expertise. Continue reading “PowerApps”