Rugged tech on the go.

High-quality and price-competitive rugged devices

 Written by: Mark Ternent, GTB IT Solutions

So much of what we do requires technology and the demand for robust equipment in Taranaki businesses. It is even greater with people constantly on the move for work. If you’re looking for a range of fully rugged tablets, laptops, or handheld devices at a lower price without compromising on quality then we might have the solution for you.

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The Cybersecurity Threat Landscape

Protecting your business with ESET Security

Written by: Andrew Fergus, IT Alliance

Now, more than ever, it is important to secure your data. Cybersecurity threats to your organisation, your staff, and your clients are becoming a regular occurrence here in New Zealand. As these cybersecurity threats become more significant, it’s really important to understand what they are, and how to do your best to prevent them. So let’s dig in and look at the different types of attacks and one of the most popular options for countering it – ESET Endpoint Security.

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Scammers Impersonating Venture Taranki Oil & Gas / Fake Job Scam Fraud. (

This is a fake job scam!  There is no job!  Do not send documents or money!  If you are not interviewed face to face, in person, the job offer is Always a scam! If you are asked to pay fees for a visa or work permit or anything else, the job offer is a scam, even if they say they will reimburse you!  No real company or embassy ever uses a free email address! Credit

Navigating the Dangers of VoIP

Security issues you need to be aware of before considering VoIP                        

By Jim Carroll

Times used to be simpler when phone lines were just that, but today there are more and more companies in New Zealand moving to the more complicated VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) system for their phone lines. This is in part due to advances in technology, but also partly enforced by telecoms companies like Spark suggesting they won’t support the legacy phone lines in future. Continue reading “Navigating the Dangers of VoIP”

Strengthen Your Password Policy

The simple why and how of passwords for Kiwi SMEs.

Written by: Mark Ternent – GTB IT Solutions

Small to medium size kiwi businesses are increasingly being targeted by unscrupulous hackers, and cyber-criminals which often leads to loss of confidential data, intellectual property and can result in considerable business disruption. Poor password security is one of the key methods these cyber-criminals use to gain access to your systems. We want to highlight some of the fundamental threats you’re facing and guide you through implementing a strong password policy for your business.

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Be Warned about Backups!

Written by: Peter Marshall – Voicecom Technologies 

Why back up your Microsoft 365 data

It’s fair to say that within New Zealand’s business community, COVID-19 has really pushed our business into the cloud. Whilst Microsoft provides powerful services within Microsoft 365, it is important to note that comprehensive backup of your Microsoft 365 data is not one of them. Of over 1,000 IT Pros surveyed, 81% experienced data loss. This can be from simple user error to major data security threats like ransomware. The misconception that Microsoft fully backs up your data on your behalf is common and could result in damaging repercussions which is why it’s important to know what areas you are responsible for.

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6 Reasons Why SMB Love Meraki

Cloud-Managed IT for SMB

IT can be a complex topic for small and mid-sized organisations, but… it doesn’t have to be according to our customers. Across Australia and New Zealand, this is what SMB of all sizes are saying about Cisco Meraki. Our solution includes wireless, switching, security appliances, smart cameras, and endpoint management software.
“So… how does Meraki really work?”
We’re glad you asked!
Check out the 40-minute playback of Meraki for Small and Mid-sized Businesses where our Meraki experts will take you through what cloud-managed IT is and how you can benefit from partnering with Cisco Meraki.

“What’s covered in the playback?”
– Introduction –
– About Cisco Meraki –
– Why Cloud for SMBs –
– Demo Time –
– Customer Stories –
– Product Families –

“I heard I might be eligible for a free Meraki device?”
That’s correct.
Follow the step-by-step instructions below to claim your free Meraki access point with a 3-year cloud management license − shipping is on us.
Step 2. Click on ‘Playback: Meraki for SMB’
Step 3. Fill out the form with your details
Step 4. Sit back and watch the playback
Step 5. Connect with your Meraki representative

HP and Ingram Micro fishing trip

Rick and I had the privilege of attending the “Catch Ya Quota 2019” event which consisted of two full days of fishing on Great Barrier Island courtesy of HP and Ingram Micro a week ago. I’d never been to Great Barrier and loved every minute of it…spectacular natural flora and fauna, beautiful sandy beaches, remote and quiet, nice locals, and best of all the fishing was awesome. Thanks very much to the Ingram Micro and HP teams for organising, hosting and shepherding the teams around, as well as keeping us all fed and watered. Also, thanks to all of the other attendees from various companies nationwide who took the time out to enjoy this event, socialising and networking with like-minded individuals…a great time had by all! Some very nice prizes too!!!