Do More With Less Using Cloud-Based Security

Cloud-based security has transformed the way businesses manage their security operations. Unlike their on-premises predecessors, cloud technology has given IT and security teams greater flexibility and scalability.

System administrators no longer need to be on-site to keep tabs on their buildings. Instead, the cloud has given them the ability to do more with less. They can monitor access points, provision key cards, and implement system changes from anywhere. However, a new iteration of cloud-based physical security is improving how enterprises, commercial real estate companies, schools, and more interact with their security.

What do we mean by a single view of security?

This approach to security connects otherwise disparate hardware and software infrastructure into one platform. For example, an enterprise team could integrate and see surveillance video cameras all within their access control dashboard. This automation helps IT and security teams save time when monitoring their security and speeds up emergency response time.

It also extends beyond integrating video management systems with access control. Manufacturers offer a wide variety of our API integrations that connect platforms like chat software, visitor management, Internet of Things, mobile credentials, and workforce management, delivering a streamlined way for system administrators to manage security.

How this approach helps enterprises and more

Traditional security approaches often involve managing diverse systems and siloed information, leading to inefficiencies and security breaches—most evident to retailers losing billions of dollars to theft annually. While our security approach helps combat theft more effectively than businesses using multiple different systems, there are many other important features, including the following integrations:

  • Automate mobile and key card provisioning. By integrating security with workforce management platforms, like Okta or Azure AD, IT and security teams can automate the provisioning process. When a security team adds or removes a user from workforce software, that user’s key card or mobile badge updates accordingly. When a security team adds or removes a user from workforce software, that user’s key card or mobile badge updates accordingly.
  • Support visitor management. Many commercial real estate companies, enterprises, schools, hospitals, and more need a way to safely make sure that visitors get where they need to be. Cloud-based access control platforms can be integrated with visitor management to give temporary access to specific doors. When integrated, these systems work together with chat notifications to alert users when a guest arrives.
  • Simplify video management. Whether managing security for an enterprise, hospital, school, or commercial real estate company, video management has become more needed. If you’re working across multiple locations, a unified platform will provide a more organized way to view your entire portfolio.

How video security and access control work together

Cloud-based solutions such as Genea Security act as a hub for monitoring access control and video management. They also help teams monitor, analyze, and respond to threats more effectively for a proactive security posture.

For example, hospitals need robust security measures to protect patients, staff, and sensitive medical information. By integrating video management systems with access control, teams can establish a holistic approach. If a security incident happens, the hospital’s administrators can quickly pull up the appropriate video alongside information about the event within the access control dashboard.

Similarly, if a school experiences a lockdown incident, the security team can quickly pull up video of the appropriate access points, then take immediate action to lock down the necessary points, all from one dashboard.

How Genea + Cisco Meraki can help

Unifying surveillance, access control, and analytics allows IT and security teams to proactively safeguard their environments. Cloud-managed Cisco Meraki cameras and Genea Security integrate with ease, so organizations can log video records of access events for faster reaction time during emergencies. As technology in safety and automation continues to advance in today’s dynamic world, embracing the cloud’s holistic security model isn’t just a choice—it’s a necessity.

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