Kurt Brookes – Systems Engineer

Kurt has been in the ICT industry since 2010, previously supporting students and teachers in complex school environments. Kurt takes pride in providing the best ICT solutions and service utilizing his acquired ICT skills and experiences. Experienced with helping users of all levels and has developed excellent client relation and communication skills. Allowing him to deal with and explain solutions in a friendly and non-technical way that is easily understood by customers, while seeking to provide the best solutions and service.

Kurt is very capable with a wide range of other technologies including:

  • Virtual Environments – VMware, Proxmox, Hyper-V.
  • SCCM/WDS configuration and deployments.
  • Desktop, Cloud and Server platform management: Office 365 and Azure.
  • Backup Solutions.
  • Web Development – PHP/JS & jQuery/Bootstrap/SQL.
  • Database management.
  • Programming Skills: PowerShell, Delphi, VB, Batch, PHP, jQuery, SQL, C#/C++.
  • Windows, Linux, OSx experience.
  • Windows server management and maintenance.

Outside of work he enjoys spending time with his family, programming & web development and learning new technologies using a home lab server environment.