Rugged tech on the go.

High-quality and price-competitive rugged devices

 Written by: Mark Ternent, GTB IT Solutions

So much of what we do requires technology and the demand for robust equipment in Taranaki businesses. It is even greater with people constantly on the move for work. If you’re looking for a range of fully rugged tablets, laptops, or handheld devices at a lower price without compromising on quality then we might have the solution for you.

What do rugged devices offer?

Built from the ground up for rough environments, they are designed to withstand hard knocks, long drops, high or low temperatures, moisture, dust, and more. They can take quite a beating and still shine through and do the job. Waterproof, drop-proof, and shockproof. Rugged tablets offer reinforced frames, tough skins, hardened glass, watertight seals, soft corners, and major components that are shock resistant.

Smaller screen sizes and less powerful computing means lower cost for lightweight software apps running Android. When it comes to more hungry apps, there are larger screen sizes and Windows 10 Pro or IOT. What is Win 10 IOT? It’s like Win 10 Pro that drives desktops and laptops, except it can be locked down to be more robust and less likely to crash and so is very useful for powering machines and equipment that is always doing the same thing. IOT is the “Internet of Things”.

Who uses rugged devices?

Basically, if the nature of your work is rougher than the average office laptop or tablet can handle or you have a team out in the field that needs to be mobile, then rugged devices are for you. Across the IT Alliance, we see the devices in a range of industries including, but not limited to the below:

  • Transportation and logistics
  • Warehousing
  • Tradesman (electrical, construction, plumbing, engineering)
  • Manufacturing
  • Government
  • Asset management
  • Food production
  • Healthcare
  • Mining

As technology continues to advance, there is so much more productivity to be gained through having the right software in the right place – and the ruggedised tablets and laptops are the tool to get that software out of the office and into the hands of your workforce.

Lower cost, better performance.

Rugged device technology has been around for a while now, pioneered by the military. As time goes on, the cost has reduced and the performance has improved. With prices coming down and the equipment lifespan going up, these devices offer a solid return on investment and a cost-effective solution to increase your workforce’s productivity.

Solutions, not just products.

Coupled with competitive pricing, we love that, rugged devices are solution-driven products. We can help by looking at what your needs are as a business and finding a high performing, cost-effective solution for you. No matter what application you are running, there is a very good chance that there will be a ruggedised tablet or laptop right for you.

Don’t let technology hinder your business. Embracing a rugged device solution can set your team up with the best possible tools, enabling them to perform and focus on what they do best. If you’d like to find out more about this or other IT solutions and support, contact us today on 06 769 9907. If you’d like to visit or email us, you can find our contacts page.

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