Sophos: A New Ransomware Documentary Series

Three-part documentary series gives an in-depth look into ransomware.
Watch all 3 episodes now as we delve into the alarming realities of ransomware, revealing the far-reaching consequences that affect both business owners and society at large.
Episode 1: Origins of Cybercrime
We show you the dark underbelly of cyberspace and examine why many interconnected systems are susceptible to ransomware attacks.
Episode 2: Hunters and Hunted
Interviews with both ransomware hackers and victims. Hear from Norsk Hydro CISO Torstein Gimnes Are and how his company battled back from a ransomware attack.
Episode 3: Weapons and Warriors
The series concludes with a deep dive into 21st century warfare and what it takes to keep pace with a constantly evolving cyberthreat landscape.

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