Supporting our Community


On The House is a charitable trust that collects surplus food that may otherwise end up in landfill and redistributes it for free to whoever needs it without judgement or barriers.

Over the last 6 months, On the House has distributed 70,000kg of surplus food, the retail equivalent of $500k back into the community.

Every food item has to be accounted for, and statistics and quantities are methodically collected to ensure relevant authorities are informed and have an accurate picture of demand. This is a clear indicator as to how communities are faring, especially during such difficult economic times as being experienced right now.

On the House rely on volunteer power and have a great network of volunteers who provide their time and energy to this great cause. In our efforts to support On the House, we have managed to secure a brand-new HP EliteBook laptop, ensuring that their technology remains up-to-date and reliable. Black SANZ Technologies are also proud to be providing time and resources to address all of their IT needs at no cost.

Receiving this new laptop means the world to On the House. This will allow them to create, update, and maintain secure records for compliance and record management, as well as keeping their many Facebook followers up to date with what’s happening and how they can help.

If you’d like to learn more about this great cause check them out here:


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